Friday, October 12, 2012

Road to Self-Improvement

At some point in our life, we realize we need to do some self-improvement. This does not happen at the same time for everyone, though. Some may go through this painful experience at an early age while others, unfortunately, at a later time.

For those who are at both ends of the spectrum, the road to self-improvement is painstaking; because in order to achieve this, one has to have balance. We only think that self-improvement happens only to those who are hot-tempered and wild but those who are too safe and cautious undergo through this stage, as well.

I noticed that this usually starts during quarter life crisis, when you somehow thought you're established in life. Then things come crashing down.

I went through this stage and it was really a climb to the peak of Mt. Everest. But boy am I glad I went through that. I found myself a better me. Not perfect, just better. I learned to be patient, to be understanding, to let go of judgments, to be a true friend and most of all, I learned how it is to really love.

As they say, every pain either makes or breaks you. I don't think so. It BREAKS and MAKES you.

For those going through this right now, just hang in there. There is more to life. Just wait and see.

And for those who made it a better person, congratulations. A new perspective, another chance at life.

And for those who haven't gone through it yet, I hope you get through it before you're too old. The earlier the better because our hearts are still resilient. You can't force it, though until circumstance lets you go through it.

I say cheers to the road to self-improvement!

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