Thursday, January 28, 2010

Of Cartoons

I hate watching cartoons. For some strange reason, I usually cry when watching one. Maybe because I've always thought of cartoons as happy; they usually are but there are just those moments when I want to cry my heart out because of a sad scene.

Aren't they supposed to be fun all the time? Just like Tom and Jerry? ^_^

Despite me hating cartoons, I was forced to watch some of them. Zeke is at the stage where he's not a big fan of eating meals and so we entertain him by watching cartoons.

What else is new? I cried (boohoo for me hehehe) But more than that, I was surprised that cartoons nowadays tell stories that more than meets the eye. These are not the in-your-face type of cartoons. They actually tell a deeper story, a story which I can relate to.

The reason why I didn't want to watch Wall-E was because a lot of those who've watched it said it was a non-conversational love story. Yeah, a love story. Boring...

Behind the love story, though, lies a warning for us. It tells of how Earth might possibly look like after many years of irresponsible garbage disposal. It was sad to see as well, those people sent to space how much they relied on technology. And how they let their lives ran by intelligent robots.

It hit a nerve, since I'm trying to be aware of our environment. It also led me to think, how my children will live in the next few years. It was a wake-up call but disguised in a cartoon movie.

Everybody was raving about Up and how the story was great, the characters being funny and all... I felt it was hyped that's why I boycotted it. And as most said, it made them cry. I really do evade these kind of cartoons.

But then again, it was all for the love of Zeke hehehe

The movie was about how dreams pass us by if we really don't pursue them. And even if we did, what is more important is the journey that went with it; the people we met, the experiences we encountered, and the lessons we learned.

It's not really how it ends that make us who we are but how we are shaped by what we went through.

It also made me think... I need to prioritize and make plans for me and my family ^_^

The movie really made me cry ughh! From start then in the end! Oh well.

They were all wake-up calls. It really prodded me to move, move, move and to really think, think, think. Where do we go from here...