Monday, February 26, 2007

Chewyl's I Wish I Could Go Back to College Blog

I Wish I Could Go Back to College... by Che

This is one of the coolest article I've ever seen in a blog. Chewyl has yet proven herself the artist that is in her ^_^ (By the way, Che, you're Ottie is very proud of you. He told me you have the best blog ever *wink*)

The article described how fun it was then during our ECR-NEC days. The pics there were of the lab at NEC, fair, grad party, gimiks... Of the days when nearly everyone looked like freshies and were kinda slimmer :-D

So many memories.

Lovers, they may come and go but friends, they're always there to stand by you.

Missing you, guys  ^_^

The Difference is Like Night and Day

I just spent 14 or so hours at the office today. We are trying to beat our end-of-the-month deadline. Unfortunately, we are so behind our timeline and we still have lots of deliverables to finish. So, we decided to go on OT.

The difference when working during the day and night is staggering. This evening, we felt so free. Yes, we may have chatted but we have accomplished a lot too. It was like we were really having fun working tonight. The time flew so fast that before we knew it, it was already 11 PM.

We finally decided to pack up after the gurus set up their code. As for me, I didn't get to finish my assignment but it's ok... I hope :-s I had a hard time setting up the things I need, you know. I'll just go in the office early tomorrow...

So anyways... that was how our OT went. It was full of laughter, fun, happy thoughts; and although pressured, we still got to enjoy it. It was also a plus that everybody was working hard ^_^

The difference is like night and day. During regular office hours, everything is dark... scary... quiet... eerie... *shivers*

But then during the night, it felt like we were basking under the glow of the sun, carefree, laughing out loud, kidding around... working while having fun.

That's how it should be. That's how work environment should be. Not living in terror. Not minding your actions all the time. Not being able to hear people gossiping around doing nothing all day. Work should be fun, 125% fun ^_^

Yeah, I wish :-P

The difference is like night and day, after all :-D

**Disclaimer: I'm not so sure if my teammates feel the way I did. So never mind the we, pretend it was I instead harhar!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Internet is Really, Really Great

Have you ever heard of the musical, Avenue Q? They have this fun song that I really enjoy. This used to be our theme song way back Warcraft days. Right, Losers? Here's a link if you wanna listen to the audio:
Just don't mind the video, it's kinda crappy ^_^ Oh and turn it off once it reaches the credits :-P

KATE:                        The internet is really really great
KATE:                        I’ve got a fast connection so i don’t have to wait
TREKKIE:                    For porn
KATE:                        Huh?
                                There's always some new site,
TREKKIE:                    For porn!
KATE:                        I browse all day and night
TREKKIE:                    For porn!
KATE:                        It's like i’m surfing at the speed of light
TREKKIE:                    For porn!
KATE:                        Trekkie!

TREKKIE:                    The internet is for porn
KATE:                        Trekkie!
TREKKIE:                    The internet is for porn,
KATE:                        What are you doing!?
TREKKIE:                    Why you think the net was born?
                                 Porn porn porn

KATE:                        Treee—kkie!
TREKKIE:                    Oh hello kate monster
KATE:                        You are ruining my song
TREKKIE:                    Oh me sorry, me no mean to
KATE:                        Well if you wouldnt mind please being quiet for a
                                minute so i can finish?
TREKKIE:                    Me no talkie
KATE:                        Good
                                 I’m glad we have this new technology
TREKKIE:                    For porn
KATE:                        Huh
                                Which gives us untold opportunity
TREKKIE:                    For por—oops, sorry
KATE:                        Right from you own desktop
TREKKIE:                    For ---
KATE:                        You can research browse and shop
                                 Until you’ve had enough and your ready to stop
TREKKIE:                    FOR PORN!!

KATE:                        Trekkie!
TREKKIE:                    The internet is for porn!
KATE:                        Noooo
TREKKIE:                    The internet if for porn!
KATE:                        Trekkie
TREKKIE:                    Me up all night honking me horn to porn, porn, porn!

KATE:                        That’s gross you’re a pervert
TREKKIE:                    Ah, sticks and stones Kate monster
KATE:                        NO really, your a pervert
                                 Normal people don’t sit at home and look
                                 At porn on the internet
TREKKIE:                    Ohhhh?
KATE:                        What?!
TREKKIE:                    You have no idea
                                 Ready normal people?

NORMAL PEOPLE:       Ready--- ready ----ready

TREKKIE:                    Let me hear it!

TREKKIE AND GUYS:    The internet is for porn!
PRINCETON:                Sorry kate
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    The internet is for porn!
PRINCETON:                I masturbate!
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    All these guys unzip their flies
                                 For porn, porn, porn!

KATE:                         The internet is not for porn!!


KATE:                        HOLD ON A SECOND!
                                Now i happen to know for a fact that you,
                                Rob, check your portfolio and trade stocks online

ROB:                        That’s correct.

KATE:                        And Brian, you buy things on

BRIAN:                        Sure!

KATE:                         And Gary, you keep selling your possesions on Ebay

GARY:                         Yes I do!

KATE:                         And Princeton, you sent me that sweet online
                                 birthday card

PRINCETON:                True!

TREKKIE:                    Oh, but Kate-
                                  What you think he do . . .after? hmm?

PRINCETON:                . .yeah

KATE:                        EEEWWWWW!
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    The internet is for porn!
KATE:                        Gross!
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    The internet is for porn!
KATE:                        I hate porn
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    Grab your dick and double click
                                 For porn, porn, porn!
KATE:                        I hate you men!
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    (harmonizing) porn, porn, porn, porn
KATE:                        I’m leaving!
TREKKIE AND GUYS:    Porn, porn, porn, porn
                                porn, porn, porn, porn
KATE:                        I hate the internet!

TREKKIE:                    The internet is for

TREKKIE AND SOME:    The internet is for

TREKKIE AND ALL:        The internet is for PORN!

TREKKIE:                    YEAH!

24 Hours of Fun

I literally spent 24 hours of clean, good fun since yesterday til tonight ^_^ Or was it really that clean? Comment, Alds? :-P

I arrived at Marina at around 8pm. It was the first time I ate there. Jan-jan told me Marina at Iloilo is better than the one at Glorietta.

I didn't like the oyster so much. It was Jan-jan and Alex who finished off the two buckets. They should have each paid for those LOL! A lot of people came like Misyel, whom I didn't expect to be there, and Gwency, high school friend.

I said in my previous post that I wasn't really that excited to go to the dinner date. Surprisingly it turned out pretty fun despite the fact that there were some people I wasn't really interested in seeing again.

After waiting for Wace to arrive, which took forever, we went to Greenbelt 3 for coffee, supposedly. The place was overflowing with people. So many people on Fridays. I suggested we go to Bizu instead and have some cakes there. I actually didn't suggest it, I forced them to go :-D I didn't know if they enjoyed the food there but I sure did. I know Wace did too. (Thanks, Wace for being supportive of me :-D)

I decided to go with the Lower Bicutan girls and stay there for the night. We just didn't have that much chance to catch up with each other's lives ^_^ And true, Mommy Erin and I talked from 1.30 am til 6 am. We talked about work, love and whatever it was we fancied talking about. It was really fun ^_^

I got home at 7 am then slept at 7.30 am. I was already awake for 24 hours then.

I woke up at 11 am to get ready for the NEC pips lunch date at Choc Kiss. It was a despedida lunch for Alan. By the way, Alan, thanks for the treat at Choc Kiss. Nestor was there whom I haven't seen for quite some time. And Je, too. Mario was also there, still with ADHD (I hope the girl Joey's been talking about can cure you, Mar. JK!). Li, Dan, and Jawie were also present.

We then had coffee at SBC. It's our fave coffee shop ^_^ The traffic jam at Katipunan was really terrible so we decided to take a detour thru Sikatuna but it seems a lot of people have the same idea as ours that we ended up being caught up with heavy traffic too. What's worse, we even went the long way LOL!

We headed to the 1st DCS Alumni Homecoming. One of the main reasons why we went there is to pay tribute to Sir Quiwa, a long-time legendary professor at CS Dept. He is a great mentor and was one of the best teachers I've ever had ^_^ I'm one of those lucky ones who were able to attend his class.

I also met friends from college, batchmates mostly, whom I haven't seen in a very loooonnnngggg time. (You get the idea. ^_^) PJ, Larla, Jinky, Larow, EJ... Our thesis group was almost complete except for Brian (hmph! :-P). We were the nosiest people there who kept on cheering people on stage LOL!

After the event, we decided to go to Libis to watch a movie. Apparently not all were that fond of watching the movies shown so they went instead at Darl's place to watch dvds and drink booze. The lazy ones stayed behind: Aldwin, Alan, Je, Nestor, Francis, Larow and I. We just spent 3 hours talking about Alan and you-know-who, Aldwin's stories of a bitch in his life (mine as well sshhhh...) and our professional life (really now?! ^_^).

When the clock struck 11 pm, everybody decided to go home. (@Je and Nes: I sure hope you slept when you got home. 2hrs is not called sleep. It's called NAP ^_^)

And here I am, dizzy from lack of sleep but with a smile on my face. It's fun to be with friends, to laugh and dine, to be pathetic and melodramatic, to be happy and gay ^_^ Looking forward to our next gimik.

(@ NEC pips: See ya all March 9 for the 300 movie)

Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm sitting here at my workstation thinking of something to do. My brain has just shut down. It doesn't want to think of work anymore. It has quit. There's a buzz in my head whenever I think of SNMPs and Java ^_^

I'm tired and sleepy and I wanna go home. I'm still thinking whether or not to attend the dinner date set by my friends for us to get-together. It's supposed to be a post-valentines dinner date.

I stayed up late just surfing the net and doing whatever fancied me til 2.30 am. Blame it on my new laptop ^_^

Tired and sleepy... Why don't I just go home instead?  ^_^

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can't Sleep, Thinking of You

I'm an addict. So addicted that I can't sleep.

I'm addicted to blogging. Uhh... blogging. Online journaling?

Ever since I started blogging, I just can't seem to stop anymore. Every idle moment, I look around and see what would be a good topic to blog about. Or when something funny, weird, annoying, anything out of the ordinary happens, I just start constructing it on my mind. This would be a nice point to make, this beginning would be catchy, etc.

I'm so addicted *sigh*

I confirmed this when last night even if I felt so tired and sleepy, I couldn't sleep. I just kept on turning and turning on my bed thinking I wanna write about Manny Pacquiao running for the elections, the Dove self-esteem commercial, the difference between the travel condition/time of going to DOST and my office at Ayala, featuring a friend (who I'm going to feature and what should I write about)... And the list goes on and on. Just imagine how thinking about blogging has kept me till 3am in the morning :-P

Now that I have internet connection at home, I'm blogging my way til midnight.

I'm such an addict. How does one stop from blogging? Is there any cure for this? ^_^ Try it sometime, let's see if it will drive you mad too :-D

The Fruit of My Labor

The past two or three weeks, I've been asking help from friends on the how-to's of acquiring a new laptop. At first, my specs were at the minimum 512MB RAM, 128MB video card memory and should have a Centrino processor. But I have only so much money for a meager laptop. Kuya Domeng advised me last weekend to check out or He said there are bargain laptops there and have even brand-new ones at a cheaper price.

Monday, 19 February, I browsed through and voila! I found a

Toshiba Satellite 1.6ghz Core Duo 1GB 120GB HD DVDRW PhP50,000

And when I checked out the specs, all the more I said WOW!!!

Toshiba Satellite A105-S4074

Standard features
• Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2050 1.66GHz
• 1GB of DDR II memory
• Intel 945 GM chipset with Intel GPU features using Unified Memory Architecture UMA
• Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 128MB
• 120GB 5400rpm SATA 2.5" Toshiba HDD
• 15.4" Diagonal Widescreen XGA TruBrite™ Display* (1280x800)
• DVD SuperMulti (+/-R Dual-Layer) drive*
• Intel PRO/Wireless* 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
• USB2.0 (480Mbps), i.LINK™ IEEE-1394
• VGA and S-Video Out
• 1 Type II PC Card slot, 1 Express Slot
• 5-in-1 Media Reader, SD/SD mini, XD, Sony Memory Stick/Pro
• Windows Xp Media Center Edition
• Windows Vista Ready
• Primary 6 cell, 4700mAH Lithium Ion battery

Unit is Good as Brand. Complete with all documentations, manuals and recovery disc. No box.

I immediately contacted the seller, 8xspeed who by the way has great feedbacks at I asked him if I could check the merchandise first. And on we went to McDo BF that evening. It was worth the trouble coz the laptop was really cool. It was newly setup and it's "ohh, shiny...!" ^_^ Right then and there I decided to get the laptop.

Last night, 21 February, I met up with 8xspeed again to give him the money and at the same time claim MY NEW LAPTOP ^_^ When I got home I tested my toy, esp the Media Center and it was really great! ^_^ Everyone was like "oohhhh" and "aahhh". We were gawking at it the whole time.

I'm looking forward to doing many things on it in the future like you know play games and watch dvd and yeah... that's basically it. Just kidding! ^_^

I'm so proud of my new toy. All the more proud coz I got it  through hard work.

Watcha say? NICE huh? ^_^

  • Kuya Domeng - for the advises, going with me to Sucat and helping me check out the laptop (I had no idea whatsoever what to check in a laptop teehee)
  • Aldwin - for lending me a laptop bag
  • Ross - for going with me to Glorietta and carrying the laptop around after we claimed it ^_^
  • 8xspeed - for a fun laptop and the great deal ^_^

Thursdays at Ayala

For some strange reasons, traffic on Thursdays at Ayala isn't really that jammed.  It's easy to get an FX compared to other days. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get one on any other day. I'll blog about that one of these days. So anyway, as you go through Ayala Ave. you can see that the volume of cars is not that thick. You can even cruise along it somehow.

I've been trying to reason what is it about Thursdays at Ayala that makes this so. Aldwin mentioned before that HP people are allowed to work from home on Thursdays. But I don't think HP people are the reason why Ayala Ave. is that free on Thursdays, or is it? Are there really that much number of employees at HP to cause heavy traffic on a normal day? A better question, are there really that much number of employees at HP with cars to cause heavy traffic on a normal day? :-D

Anyhow, it all boils down to this: I love going to the office on Thursdays. ^_^

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Gimik that I Thought was a Nightmare

I really hate to admit this but my friends and I weren't able to get in the UP Fair last Friday *sigh* We got there at around 10pm and were told that there were no tickets available. They said to fall in line at the entrance instead, pay there and had ourselves stamped. Unfortunately when we were near the entrance, the organizers told us we wouldn't be accommodated at that line. They told us to go back to the ticket booth and had ourselves stamped there. My friends and I couldn't go through two other long lines again just to get in the fair. We asked the organizers to do something about our dilemma. In the end we just gave up. The organizers kept on ignoring our pleas for them to do something. Yeah well.

For the Beta Epsilon people: that was one disappointing thing you did.

So we decided to have coffee instead at SBC Greenbelt 3. Good thing the people I'm with that night were still set to enjoy the night ^_^ And so we did. After coffee, Jeremy (Padura, a high school friend) invited us to have drinks. We settled for Nuvo at Greenbelt 2. It was a little expensive for my taste, being a bottle of San Mig Light costs a hundred pesos a piece. I forgot what we talked about but I remember I was smiling so I guess I was having a good time then *grins widely*

Sometimes things turn out unexpectedly. I felt frustrated when it was apparent we won't get in the fair but well, everything turned out fine after all ^_^


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Commitment

Forgive me for having the Hearts' Day fever still ^_^

Here's a text from Jan-jan on Hearts' Day. Thanks for sharing this, Jan-jan ^_^

"Can love really last a lifetime?"
Answer: Scientists found out that romantic love involves chemical changes in the brain that last for 12-18 months.  After that, you and your partner are on your own.

Love can absolutely last for a lifetime as desired to be maintained.  Meaning, it's both your choice.

Bottom line: IT WILL LAST, if you know how to COMMIT.
--Source: Reader's Digest May 2006.

I so agree with this statement. In the end, it all boils down to commitment. It's not how much you love the person, it's how committed you are to the person. You may have loved somebody more than anyone else yet didn't have the heart to commit, then it's nothing. ^_^

The Curse of the Hearts' Day

How sad it must have been for single people on Hearts' Day. Couples like to make a hype out of this special day like eating at an expensive restaurant, giving out flowers and chocolates (*sigh*) and all those cutsie stuff couples do. Somehow this day is exclusive only for lovers. It's such a curse for single people.

Fortunately, I never really gave that much importance to Hearts' Day while I was still in a relationship. I never seemed to have celebrated that day with just one single person. (That's as far as I can recall. If I did forget, my apologies then hehe) I always go out with friends on Valentine's day. Somehow a part of me just can't stand the thought of single people being miserable on that day. So I usually organize a group date for my friends and I.

Now that I am single, Hearts' Day hasn't really bothered me at all. Well, maybe it did but just a little, I guess coz I've been bitchy during the morning. But in the afternoon I was fair company. ^_^

That night, I went out with a friend on a whim. Ross and I had dinner at Wendy's and watched Ghost Rider afterwards. As I looked around, there were couples everywhere and I was gagged to see them carrying bouquets of flowers with balloons and cutie little whatever thingies you see plastered on. (Gagged or envious? ^_^ jk)

So what's the point of this post? Hmm... I really don't know. LOL! Maybe it's just to point out that Hearts' Day is depressing for most single people. So why not celebrate it with friends rather than have it exclusive just for you and your partner? ^_^ I'm not being sarcastic here, just making a suggestion ^_^

Belated Hearts' Day to all!