Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Commitment

Forgive me for having the Hearts' Day fever still ^_^

Here's a text from Jan-jan on Hearts' Day. Thanks for sharing this, Jan-jan ^_^

"Can love really last a lifetime?"
Answer: Scientists found out that romantic love involves chemical changes in the brain that last for 12-18 months.  After that, you and your partner are on your own.

Love can absolutely last for a lifetime as desired to be maintained.  Meaning, it's both your choice.

Bottom line: IT WILL LAST, if you know how to COMMIT.
--Source: Reader's Digest May 2006.

I so agree with this statement. In the end, it all boils down to commitment. It's not how much you love the person, it's how committed you are to the person. You may have loved somebody more than anyone else yet didn't have the heart to commit, then it's nothing. ^_^

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eyna said...

oo nga mare, makes sense.