Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Curse of the Hearts' Day

How sad it must have been for single people on Hearts' Day. Couples like to make a hype out of this special day like eating at an expensive restaurant, giving out flowers and chocolates (*sigh*) and all those cutsie stuff couples do. Somehow this day is exclusive only for lovers. It's such a curse for single people.

Fortunately, I never really gave that much importance to Hearts' Day while I was still in a relationship. I never seemed to have celebrated that day with just one single person. (That's as far as I can recall. If I did forget, my apologies then hehe) I always go out with friends on Valentine's day. Somehow a part of me just can't stand the thought of single people being miserable on that day. So I usually organize a group date for my friends and I.

Now that I am single, Hearts' Day hasn't really bothered me at all. Well, maybe it did but just a little, I guess coz I've been bitchy during the morning. But in the afternoon I was fair company. ^_^

That night, I went out with a friend on a whim. Ross and I had dinner at Wendy's and watched Ghost Rider afterwards. As I looked around, there were couples everywhere and I was gagged to see them carrying bouquets of flowers with balloons and cutie little whatever thingies you see plastered on. (Gagged or envious? ^_^ jk)

So what's the point of this post? Hmm... I really don't know. LOL! Maybe it's just to point out that Hearts' Day is depressing for most single people. So why not celebrate it with friends rather than have it exclusive just for you and your partner? ^_^ I'm not being sarcastic here, just making a suggestion ^_^

Belated Hearts' Day to all!


eyna said...

dati mare, hindi ako lumalabas pag v-day. kasi matrapik at naglipana ang mga lovers (mainggit lang ako hahaha). pero isn't it amusing? why these pairs have to do lovey dovey stuffs on valentines day. i mean either because they are really in love, or they are trying to convince themselves or the world na in love sila. hehehe. pero how long will it last, is another story. besides expressing your love for someone is not limited on valentines di ba?


Louella -Sweet- said...

tama ka nga, eyna. i sometimes think they're just trying to convince themselves that they are in love hehe buti na lang talaga i never gave that much importance to valentine's day otherwise iyakan blues itsura ko nung araw na un. panget hehe