Monday, February 26, 2007

The Difference is Like Night and Day

I just spent 14 or so hours at the office today. We are trying to beat our end-of-the-month deadline. Unfortunately, we are so behind our timeline and we still have lots of deliverables to finish. So, we decided to go on OT.

The difference when working during the day and night is staggering. This evening, we felt so free. Yes, we may have chatted but we have accomplished a lot too. It was like we were really having fun working tonight. The time flew so fast that before we knew it, it was already 11 PM.

We finally decided to pack up after the gurus set up their code. As for me, I didn't get to finish my assignment but it's ok... I hope :-s I had a hard time setting up the things I need, you know. I'll just go in the office early tomorrow...

So anyways... that was how our OT went. It was full of laughter, fun, happy thoughts; and although pressured, we still got to enjoy it. It was also a plus that everybody was working hard ^_^

The difference is like night and day. During regular office hours, everything is dark... scary... quiet... eerie... *shivers*

But then during the night, it felt like we were basking under the glow of the sun, carefree, laughing out loud, kidding around... working while having fun.

That's how it should be. That's how work environment should be. Not living in terror. Not minding your actions all the time. Not being able to hear people gossiping around doing nothing all day. Work should be fun, 125% fun ^_^

Yeah, I wish :-P

The difference is like night and day, after all :-D

**Disclaimer: I'm not so sure if my teammates feel the way I did. So never mind the we, pretend it was I instead harhar!

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