Monday, February 19, 2007

The Gimik that I Thought was a Nightmare

I really hate to admit this but my friends and I weren't able to get in the UP Fair last Friday *sigh* We got there at around 10pm and were told that there were no tickets available. They said to fall in line at the entrance instead, pay there and had ourselves stamped. Unfortunately when we were near the entrance, the organizers told us we wouldn't be accommodated at that line. They told us to go back to the ticket booth and had ourselves stamped there. My friends and I couldn't go through two other long lines again just to get in the fair. We asked the organizers to do something about our dilemma. In the end we just gave up. The organizers kept on ignoring our pleas for them to do something. Yeah well.

For the Beta Epsilon people: that was one disappointing thing you did.

So we decided to have coffee instead at SBC Greenbelt 3. Good thing the people I'm with that night were still set to enjoy the night ^_^ And so we did. After coffee, Jeremy (Padura, a high school friend) invited us to have drinks. We settled for Nuvo at Greenbelt 2. It was a little expensive for my taste, being a bottle of San Mig Light costs a hundred pesos a piece. I forgot what we talked about but I remember I was smiling so I guess I was having a good time then *grins widely*

Sometimes things turn out unexpectedly. I felt frustrated when it was apparent we won't get in the fair but well, everything turned out fine after all ^_^



Ron said...

somehow, you managed to miss a VERY important point there sweet. pero i refuse to elaborate hehe!:)

Louella -Sweet- said...

and all i can say is LOL! ^_^