Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can't Sleep, Thinking of You

I'm an addict. So addicted that I can't sleep.

I'm addicted to blogging. Uhh... blogging. Online journaling?

Ever since I started blogging, I just can't seem to stop anymore. Every idle moment, I look around and see what would be a good topic to blog about. Or when something funny, weird, annoying, anything out of the ordinary happens, I just start constructing it on my mind. This would be a nice point to make, this beginning would be catchy, etc.

I'm so addicted *sigh*

I confirmed this when last night even if I felt so tired and sleepy, I couldn't sleep. I just kept on turning and turning on my bed thinking I wanna write about Manny Pacquiao running for the elections, the Dove self-esteem commercial, the difference between the travel condition/time of going to DOST and my office at Ayala, featuring a friend (who I'm going to feature and what should I write about)... And the list goes on and on. Just imagine how thinking about blogging has kept me till 3am in the morning :-P

Now that I have internet connection at home, I'm blogging my way til midnight.

I'm such an addict. How does one stop from blogging? Is there any cure for this? ^_^ Try it sometime, let's see if it will drive you mad too :-D


eyna said...

hahaha oo nga mare, ang bilis mo mag-update ng entries sa dami ng topics hahaha. naku wala pa ata lunas dyan! abstinence? nyaaaa...

pero can relate ako! nagkaganyan ako dati, di makatulog, tapos ginagawa ko sinusulat ko ung ideas sa dear diary para di mawala for tomorrows posting.hehe.

btw..palaro naman sa iyong new lapy topy! hehe! congrats mare!

Louella -Sweet- said...

LOL! pag uwi mo check out mo new toy ko. naku by then luma na kaya dapat uwi ka uli soon *hugs*