Saturday, February 26, 2005

kjwan at tower records

Kjwan performed at tower records glorietta last night. I was with my officemates Ron, Ully and Janice (although, Janice wasn't able to watch Kjwan perform she was able to get their autographs and pics taken hehe). We went wild everytime Boogie Romero gets the spotlight ^_^ He's one hot guy! Every time he closed his eyes, I can imagine him making love to me (love you, baby! *muah* mahirap na, the boyfriend might get jealous). Marc Abaya is such a natural flirt. And he's so sensual when he performs on stage.

We first saw them perform at Alabang Town Center, also at Tower Records. When we knew they'll be playing at Glorietta, we decided to go. We got there so early, around 5pm but they started the show at around 6:30pm. But it was worth the wait. Their type of music is so smooth and sexy. I'm not really sure if they really mean the album to be that sexual but it sends that signal to most of the girls.

Jorel plays the lead guitar really well and so does Kelley on bass. Jhoon really makes the crowd go wild when he beats those drums. Man, they're really great.

I bought the album yesterday also. I didn't just buy it to have those hot guys signed it and have my picture taken with them but to listen to their music too. And at the same time, show them my support. GO KJWAN!