Thursday, May 09, 2013

Accepting the Fact

My father's best friend died last May 1.

Nobody saw it coming. He was even being prepped to run as Mayor at his hometown for the next election (2016). Yes, he may be diabetic but he was very active. He rode his bicycle daily, even going to our house for an early morning coffee with my Dad.

When my parents heard the news, I thought it was just a prank. A lot of their friends thought so too when they spread the news. It was really unbelievable.

But that's just how life is. At some point, death is waiting for us. Nobody lives forever. We have to accept that fact.

I sincerely hope my Dad won't get depressed. He has been leaning on Uncle Ferdie's friendship for so long. They started as batchmates in the Army. They've witnessed each other lives: settling down, building a family, having other jobs, through every ups and downs.

At Uncle Ferdie's house was where my Dad spent most his day. After bringing Mom to school, he goes there to drink coffee and chat with Uncle Ferdie. Whenever he got bored at home, which he usually does since he's alone during daytime, he goes to Uncle Ferdie's house.

Now, he has nowhere to go to. When asked what he'll do, "Sa balay lang, ako lang isa." (Just stay at home, be alone)

Unfortunately, my Dad won't be able to attend Uncle Ferdie's funeral tomorrow. My parents were scheduled to go back to Iligan on May 12th. He jokingly said to a friend, why didn't Uncle Ferdie wait for him, knowing they will arrive on the 12th?

Death is always hard to deal with. Whether we are prepared for that or not, it still leaves a dent in our hearts.

To Uncle Ferdie, you will be missed.