Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A La La Land Review

Storywise, yeah, it's one of those same old love stories all over again. But the movie is more than that. Great production, loving the musical score, superb actors. No wonder it has garnered a lot of nominations and awards.

The movie was artistically created that it went out of the typical Hollywood film. It gave you a feeling of watching an old movie again, where the background were all just still pictures. At the same time, the movie was set on modern times. It blended both old and new, in that sense.

The musical score gets you through a roller-coaster emotion. It makes you happy, then it makes you sad. And there were moments when it made you sad and happy, all at once. With the setting and music together, it brings on that old movie feel.

More than anything else, it was the actors that brought everything to life. Emma Stone is just amazing. Really charismatic, you just get hooked to her character. Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, depicted very well a guy who has just followed the tides that come his way. Although, I have to admit, this seems a Ryan Gosling typical character for me. Despite me a Ryan Gosling fan, his performance didn't strike me as what can be called awesome. The singing part came as a surprise, though.

Despite the happy tones, the ending scenes emphasized the sense of regret and what-if's. I love the way how they both last looked at each other. It tears your heart apart, but in the end, they let you feel everything's going to be fine. That contrast of emotions put in one scene is what gave the movie the grand finale.

I recommend this movie. It's a 90 for me. I'd say, if you've just broken up, maybe this movie might not be for you.