Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's the Big Bad Wolf!

As Rorom's birthday celebration, he decided to treat us to dinner at the Big Bad Wolf.

It was hard to find the place if you don't know where it is exactly, 'cause it's at the back of the Fairways Tower. It was strange to look for a restaurant at the back of the building where you think all the service deliveries and crew go.

Contrary to what I thought, though, the place was really cozy. It had the feel of an art gallery cum hang out place. Zeke enjoyed going to the bathroom, as it was very colorful. It was so artsy.

I have to say, my favorite among our order was Dorado Fillet Wrapped in Bacon (P375). The fish just comes perfect with the sauce. I love pasta and I love fish so it was the right combination for me.

Manong and Jesrome enjoyed the Beef Kebab with Mango Salsa (P395). I'm not really a big fan of beef, especially if it's not well-done, so I'll be biased if I say it was just fine. The mango salsa was perfection, though -  the sweetness and sourness, yum! Manong wanted me to imitate the salsa but, yeah, well, good luck to me.

We also ordered Santol-Smoked Pork Belly (P350). I haven't tried any viand with santol before so I didn't know what to expect (well, except that it would be sour). It was sour, indeed, but it doesn't have that tangy taste. It goes well with the dirty rice, as well.

It was truly a happy birthday for Rorom - he only got to pay a hundred or so since he got the Big Bad Wolf coupon from his (now previous) company.

Thanks for the treat, Tito Rorom! Happy birthday!

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