Thursday, October 04, 2012

Of Fashion and Food

On my way to the office today, a realization dawned on me - why I'm not into trendy things and why I love to eat.

You see, I'm an emotional eater. I eat because it makes me happy. I eat because it lifts me up. So, whenever you see me eating a lot must mean I'm going through a tough time.I always think of happy food during these times. I don't mind spending much on food; although, it makes it more worth it if it's within meager budget but at the same time really delicious.

On the other hand, trendy (especially expensive) things get me depressed. Yes, it makes you happy for a (short) while but then what if it wears after? Or when the bill comes in?

What are trendy things for me, anyway? These are shoes, bags, clothes, gadgets, and the likes.

These things wear off and you'll witness it wear off. Unlike food, you know that it's for that moment only and you ALWAYS, ALWAYS know that you're going to flush it out of your system anytime after. I guess it makes it more easier to accept to let go than see a thing wear off, especially if you haven't really used it to its maximum capability.

Food make lasting impression. In the end, I'll always go for great food and great company.

Trendy things? These are just things I won't ever really understand... I guess ^_^

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