Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kim Chiu? Kim N' Chi!

Sometime in June, engaged couple Jorge and Ully treated us to Kim N' Chi at Glorietta 4 Food Choices after a wedding expo trip. They highly recommended it and have us try the food there.

Among my friends' favorite was the Spicy Seafood Ramyon or Ramen (P119). It had a generous serving of shrimps, squid and tahong (green mussels). Oh, and did I mention it's spicy? Yes, spicy!

I tried Jorge's favorite, Beef Stew Combo (P119), which was delicious and uber filling. Included in the meal was sweet beef stew, sweet "dilis" (small dried fish), egg rolls, noodles, bean sprouts and rice. The beef was tender and marinated to the core.

I ordered beef strew again last night and, as usual, never finished the meal in one go. Good thing I shared the meal with Manong; he wasn't really that hungry, anwyay.

I have yet to try Kim N' Chi's other menu but so far, their food has been satisfying.

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