Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Does Size Matter?

I read on Jam 88.3's FB wall the other day an article about a contest that will award the guy with the smallest penis.

Small Penis Contest In Denmark A Big Deal, Sex Experts Say

I was shocked at first by this concept. I mean, who would want to expose their teeny weeny size? AND of all places on  the net? Don't they know that whatever they post becomes viral?

What's surprising, though, is that, according to the article, the erotica website who organized this contest already received numerous entries. Wow! As said on the article by one of the journalists, a lot of guys must be desperate to own an iPhone 5, which is what the winner will get. Runner ups will get iPads.

But reading through the article, you finally get their gist in doing this contest. They wanted to promote the thought that having a small thing is not that bad. And, in fact, there are other guys who are also in the same situation.

This is the effect of advertising. In our world today, we are too focused on being too slim or having the perfect hair or having the latest gadgets. These tend to isolate those that who wouldn't be able to achieve such. That's why we have cases like bolemia or psychological depressions or even bullying.

We are just too focused on the "picture perfect"; and more often than not, impossible. We tend to admire the people who are the epitome of these "perfections" but when examined closely, are they truly and really happy with what they have?

I don't think so. They are just the result of what society thinks is perfect but deep down inside, I'm sure they want to break away from it. It's just that fame is so addicting and they're so afraid of losing it 'cause they might end up losing everything.

We read articles about these people every now and then. Supermodels, famous actors, famous singers... Even stories from those close to us - family, friends...

It's just sad how we live in a materialistic world. I hope that our generation and the next generation will learn to break away from it. Won't you think the world will be a better place without all these pressures?

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