Thursday, March 15, 2007

Third Wheel? Hmmm...

I was out shopping and had dinner with one of my favorite couples tonight, Kuya Jef and Ate Cecile. I really had a great time. As I was walking home, I tried to figure out why is it that some people, especially single ones, don't like to go out with couples.

Answer: A lot of people feel uncomfortable about being a third wheel. It felt like intruding on their private, sweet, enclosed world. And somehow it makes you envious of what they have and wish you have someone to cuddle with, too.

But then why did I enjoy my night out with Kuya and Ate? I've been trying to analyze the differences with those couples that I want to be with and those that I don't (those that would make me go BLEH!).

And it all boils down to this. You would want to be with a couple that doesn't make you feel left out. That both their attention are on you. But that doesn't mean they have to stop being a couple. They also cater to their being sweet and all the couple stuff they do but then they don't forget about you. They are aware you are there; that they both take interest in you.

Unlike some couples, they only have eyes for their partner and none of the people around. Now, these are the type of couples you don't want to go out with. You'll just feel left out and wish you're home instead ^_^

It's funny how small things take into detail when you're in a different status ^_^ but those little things do make life interesting.

Oh and if you and your partner are out with A FRIEND (I emphasized on the singular term), make sure that you both take interest on your third wheel. Otherwise, why bother inviting that person along if you can't take your interest somewhere else other than your partner even for a second? ^_^

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