Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I think I shall never eat for this entire lifetime *burp*

I pigged out the whole day today. Yeah, yeah, I know it's gross but pardon me. It's fun to eat, you know. Especially when it's treats from other people ^_^

Aldwin got into the office early, well, 9 AM's early for him but that's beside the point. Anyways, as he was walking towards our area I saw him grinning widely. Then I saw... KRISPY KREME!!! wohoo! ^_^ We kept the box to ourselves coz we didn't wanna share it with other teams and bitches. Aldwin intended it for the Java team alone. Oh and well, some close friends of the Java team hehehe *burp*

We hid the box at my rack so it won't be seen. So when people want to get some donut, they would sneak beside me and sit on the floor. Sometimes it freaked me out seeing them there beside me without me noticing them there for some time.

All day, we've been eating Krispy Kreme glazed donuts *burp* Yummy yum yum! *burp*

Thanks, Alds, for the donuts *burp*

After lunch, we started opening the Choc Nut that Aldwin brought along with the donuts. So that was what we were munching on the whole afternoon *burp*

When Loida called us in for a meeting, I didn't know she ordered Pancit Habhab. I'm not sure if I've eaten it before but it really tastes good *burp* I let myself had two servings (with my teeny weeny soapdish-like container). The pancit was really kewl coz you had to put in vinegar to make it tastier *burp* It was really yummy yum yum! *burp burp*

And then around 6PM, our team got ready to leave the office. Erick was treating us to Starbucks. He promised that treat to our team when we stayed at 3AM in the office for the project one time. I had a tall Mocha Frapuccino *burp* I know it's not SBC but hey who's complaining? It was a treat, after all *burp* *burp*

Thanks, Sir Erick! *burp* Another treat for Phase 2, ayt? ^_^ *burp*

He also ordered two cakes, a strawberry and cheese cake, and a chocolate cake *burp* Who could resist such temptations? So we all dug in ^_^ *burp*

We got so hooked up with our banters and our bashing that Aldwin and I forgot we were supposed to meet Joe-e at Ortigas. Oopsie! ^_^ Good thing the traffic wasn't that heavy that we were there in 30-45 minutes, I guess.

We met Joe-e at Discovery Suites, 5th Floor. He was treating us for a buffet there :-D *burp* I had salmon, maki, salad, chicken balls, roast pork, seafood, beef salpicao, fish, steamed potatoes, and panini. One of the surprisingly yummy dishes there is the roast lamb. *burp* I've had traumas with lambs before because they tasted eeky but this time I actually enjoyed it ^_^ *burp*

(I'm trying to recall what else I had. The names were just too weird for me but everything else was yummy *wink* *burp*)

For dessert, I had those thingies... pastries that are placed on crusts? Forgot what they're called. Also, brownies, creme burlee (super to the max yum yum! I had two servings *burp*), mallow coated with chocolate... I forgot what else. *burp burp*

But of course, we didn't let our PhP800 each go to waste. We maxed out our tummy capacity. When we were finished, we couldn't move. It was just too much ^_^ *burp*

We went with Joe-e to his office after just to let the food go down. Man, were we full. *burp*

Thanks, Joe-e for the treat :-D *burp*

Yeah, I think I ate a lifetime of meals for today *burp burp*

Oh I was burping the whole time. Please excuse me *burp* There it goes again *burp* I'm still full and it's already 1.30AM :-P sleeeppyy... *burp burp*

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