Sunday, March 25, 2007


I keep on doing the same thing over and over again... I stumbled too many times yet I find myself in the same situation once too many times.

I feel so weak, never learning, never finding the strength to stay away, never knowing what to do when stuck in the same situation. It's just the same, over and over again yet here I am, standing still.

Call me stupid, call me pathetic, call me crazy... idiot or better yet, moron. You can call me anything. I've been all that and more.

I wish it all to stop. I wish that I'll get to live normally for a change. To be truly happy. To be free from this stupid, pathetic, crazy, moronic addictive feelings.

When will a person ever learn? When do you say "I've had enough!"? When?


I wish it all to stop.

Now I know why addicts have a hard time letting go. The withdrawal is just too painful.

But I just hope I'll be able to cross that mountain-high obstacle and finally say "I'M FREE!"

*sniff sniff*


Ron said...

you just said you had high pain tolerance -- never said you were smart ;p

Louie said...

LOL! ^_^ that i am *grins*