Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Compound by Will Fredo

"When I love the next time, I want it to be whole... not in bits and pieces..."

I've been wanting to watch Compound for some time now. I first heard of this film during Cinemalaya 2006. I tried to catch it lots of times at different cinemas but to no avail. Every time this film was shown on theatres I always have somewhere to go or better things to do. Until finally I was able to watch it tonight.

I enjoyed the film immensely. As always, indie films gave me a sense of freedom; a sense of individuality. The cinematography was great. I like how the angles of the shots were taken. Above all of this, I applauded the casts' performance on that movie. John Arcilla gave an amazing performance. I also have to give ode to Jake Macapagal and Marq Dollentes for a wonderful kissing scene. I really felt the passion in that scene ^_^ Cheers to Will Fredo for a job well done!

  • A lot of wives keep silent about their husbands' extra-marital affairs. They would want to keep silent and bear the situation. On the other hand, some women fight back (This, I understand. I would've done the same, probably). But then, some of them stay because of ambition. A dream to do everything and be the prima donna she dreamed she would one day be. Is this the result of our economy's decline? Or is it that we have reached the height of the age of materialism? Is this what our generation's going to?
  • "I need space from you... We are both in denial..." Needing someone to the point of losing your sanity. (This is heavy ^_^ Can relate?) It's so hard to let go of someone. But then what if your husband leaves you for another guy? Would you be in denial? That you think he's just after an adventure? I used to think that it's better if I'm left for another guy than with another girl but now I change my stand. I say being left for whoever is just as painful, whether it be male or female.
  • Sacrificing yourself for a loved one. We often do this especially for those who are close to our heart. Even to the verge of imprisoning ourselves to a cruel situation. Can we have the courage and strength to change it? Most probably they'd say, bear it instead. But I say crossing the other side may give us a different perspective and a breathe of fresh air.
The twist of the film was somewhat predictable but it was presented in such a way that you would still enjoy watching it.

By the way, it wasn't rated R18 just for the heck of it. Beware, the film was very vivid in its scenes and language usage ^_^ Sorry about that, Ross. I should've warned you about indie films and their themes. But it was worth shocking you, though LOL! :-D

You might want to check out the COMPUND website

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