Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Attention: This is an Emergency

(This happened last 29 Feb 2007)

There was a blaring sound on the building intercom followed by a voice saying, "Attention. This is an emergency... blah blah blah"

And we were like what the heck was that? Is that the fire drill then? Is that real or just an announcement thingie you just ignore and continue whatever it is you're doing? Unfortunately, it was real. One of our fire marshalls, Patrick, told us to vacate the area. *Sigh* It was one of those dreaded fire drills alright.

We were waiting for the fire drill to be conducted that morning but it didn't happen. We thought they already did the fire drill last weekend. We sort of forgot about it in the afternoon. At around 2PM that's when the siren came on.

We then headed for the stairs. There were a lot of people there already. I saw Accenture people carrying their laptops while going down the stairs. It's one of those few times that you're thankful your company doesn't provide you with a laptop.

I was really excited on my first fire drill. I've never witnessed or experienced a fire drill before. I was really talkative and laughing at us, the people around me... I was on a laughing trip. Aric and Lee kept on laughing at me.

10 floors after, Erick noticed I was becoming quiet. I was starting to get tired then. Gosh, was it just 10 floors? It felt like 20 floors already. We still have 27 floors to go. OMG!

Around the 20th floor, we were saying we're half-way through. Going down the stairs was becoming hell. Our knees are now painful from the trip down. And we still have a long way to go. Oh no, when will this end? I thought fire drills are fun. Now, I know.

When we passed by the 12th floor which is the lounge (a.k.a cafeteria), we opened the emergency exit. We wanted to sneak in. We were really, really tired then. Unfortunately, there were some guards stationed by the door so we weren't able to get in. Oh well *sigh* 12 more floors!

When we got to the ground level I was just so thankful I got to breathe fresh air. Even if we were outside for more than 15 minutes, our knees just can't seem to stop shaking. Whew! That was some fire drill! Imagine coming from the 37th floor? *faints* I hope I won't be in the office when a fire drill's going to be conducted again. Thank God fire drills happen once a year. Ahhh, right? Once a year? Right? :-|

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Kristine said...

Wah... I hate fire drills :( I don't do well with stairs pag naka-stilettos X_X