Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Power Overwhelming

"power overwhelming" is a famous Starcraft cheat that is used to make a player invincible.

Well, I just experienced "Power Overwhelming" last week while I was on vacation at Iligan City for a week. I haven't become invincible per se but I have been overwhelmed by God's power and love as it out-poured on me every minute, every second. And for that, somehow I felt that I did become invincible.

A friend of mine told me before I left Manila to take time to reflect on what is happening in my life and to take time to sort out what I want in life; go to a retreat. As I was on my way to Iligan, I thought that I didn't have time to go to a retreat house. I'd rather spend it with my family and loved ones.

My, but was I proven wrong. Yes, a retreat house would be a great place to meditate and reflect but I was able to do it during my stay at home. I house-arrested myself for 5 days, if there's such a term LOL! I didn't go out. I just stayed at home. Maybe I was just too lazy to go out or that my friends were all busy with work or that my mom and sister had classes... Too many reasons.

And during this time, I have been reading my book The Road Less Traveled. I have come to reflect a number of things in life. More importantly, I have come to know myself.

But not only this. I was also blessed with opportunities professionally. So much that it came to a point that the opportunities became a challenge so overwhelming ^_^

I have also come to realize how my family has been my strength all this time despite the distance. They are the reason why I strive hard to achieve my dreams and why I wouldn't quit.

I have come to realize my value to my friends, as well, both here in Manila and at Iligan. I am surrounded with great and true friends. And that despite the distance, they make the effort of communicating by calling for 30 minutes or so, texting or even popping me up when I went online one time. How they made me sigh with a big smile ^_^

I'm one lucky gal ^_^

Through this experience, God has shown me that even if better opportunities come our way and we let it pass, life has still lots to offer. No need to build your life on regrets.

Resolve what needs to be resolved.

And I need to do myself a favor: self-closure.

[ENTER] power overwhelming [ENTER]

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-Leysel- said...

That's nice Louie at least you freshen yourself and its a good thing for you. I'm so happy that God brings you contentment and satisfaction in your life. Aja! Aja! Fighting! even though the road is dark and rough i know God will give you strength to travel and continue your journey in every life stages. Miss you much! *wink* mwah hugs! lab yah!