Friday, June 08, 2007

How Long Do You Usually Last Without Net?

Just recently, Liza posted an email on the NEC egroup re testing one's self if one is an internet addict. I have to agree with Darl when she said she doesn't need to take the test coz she knows she's a net addict. Alan, on the other hand, mentioned that it's not about how long you stay online but rather how long will you last without an internet at hand.

The worst I ever came across without an internet was when Milenyo struck the DOST Compound and left us with no electricity, and therefore no internet, for one week. Our servers were wet from the rain coz the window wasn't airtight. And even the phone lines were dead. Everything was in utter destruction.

I have grown attached to the internet, for some strange reasons. Maybe because it keeps me connected with the people I care about. Or maybe I'm able to keep up some of my hobbies like writing (that turned later to blogging), etc.

For these reasons, I can't live for long without an internet. I'm currently on vacation at Iligan since Saturday. Come Monday, I was already itching for an internet. My Mom and I went all over downtown just to search for an internet card :p Unfortunately, we didn't know what to look for so we gave that up.

Just the other day, I discovered there's a net cafe near our place. So, here I am today, browsing and typing my way through the net hehehe As soon as I logged on to my Yahoo account, my screen was just flooded with IMs from friends. This is the life *wink*

Ahh... What would I do without the internet? The world would be a lonely place to live in then. ^_^

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