Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ayala Station Without MRT

At half-past six this evening, the MRT stopped operating for some strange reason. The ticket line was so long and the line going in was even longer.

Leo and I were on our way to the ticket line when I saw the Kahlel Shawarma stall. He convinced me to grab some food before going. I was quite hungry then. I thought the long line I saw was the line going inside the station.

At that time, someone announced over the speakers that the train might be delayed for a few minutes.

It took me just a few minutes to finish my shawarma despite the fact that it didn't taste that nice. At that time, Leo and I were standing near the CD-R King coz we were checking out some of the gadgets they have there. The line outside the station was pretty long, I just wasn't sure which line it was.

When I finished my shawarma I looked for a trash bin to throw the wrapper. Unfortunately, there wasn't none around so I went back to the shawarma stand to ask them to throw it for me. When we got back to the long line, I realized I was seeing the same faces at exactly the same spot. So I told Leo to go ahead as he had a long travel to UPD.

I just got in line to buy my ticket when the MRT people announced that the train will be coming in in 15 minutes. WHAT? At the moment, they are not selling any tickets because a lot of people are already trying to get in. WHAT? The ticket line at that time was already beside the Holy Kettle Corn stall.

Just a few minutes after, the MRT people announced again that they are not letting in people without any tickets yet. HUH? WHAT? So it would take me a while to get in?

Should I wait or should I ride a bus instead? Eventually, I decided to ride the bus. I think it would be faster. And who knows when they'll let people in.

As I was going through my way to get to the other side of the station, I saw how long and unorganized the line was for going in then. Those of use who were just passing by couldn't get through because the line was blocking the way.

It took me 30 minutes to get to the other side. Good thing there was this nice lady who led me around the line just so we can get through. Everyone was hot and pissed with so many people stuck here and there.

We thought we got a breath of fresh air. BUT NO. When we got to the other side, there was another line there. We asked if that line is connected to the MRT line. Ah, no, it's the line going down the overpass. OK...

It took me another 15 minutes just to get down those stairs. CRAP. I'm so late for my appointment.

Oh well, things happen. And that's how it was when there's no MRT around especially at the Ayala station.

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eyna said...

hi sweet! seasons greetings! musta na? di mo ko pinapansin sa ym! :DD

re blog: ano daw nangyari? ba't walang mrt?

ey sweet! wala na pala ung blog ko dati (dinelete ko na sila lahat, kasi naging lokaret ako). tapos hayun naisipan ko ulit. nyahaha. ito na ung bago kong link: