Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And Time Stood Still

Time stood still as I see you standing there
With that smile that I have come to know intimately for so long now

The emotions rush in me as I remember
Remember the day we first met
Remember the day we said hello
Remembering the years, days, minutes and seconds I've come to love you

The times that you have inspired me
The times that you have made me laugh
The times that you made me cry; yes, you did
But then also the times you just made me sigh and smile
Oh what contentment!

It was a great journey
That journey I shared with you
I thank you for all the great memories
The good and even the bad

But time stood still as we said goodbye for the last time
Unshed tears
Hands trying to reach out yet never really reaching out
Traces of that smile that never really showed on your face

And for the last time I'm going to say
I will miss you; I love you
You will always have a special place in my heart

See you when I see you.

Til then.

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