Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In The Name Of LOVE

It's the month of June... People getting married, getting back together, finding that someone... Oh, it's the month of June. Oh, that month of June.

Love has always been a mystery to me. I often wonder what is it about love that makes people do crazy thing: from the insane like going after somebody who's not into you (uh-huh tsk tsk tsk) to the blah blah stuff (i just don't know what to call it) like running and hiding from something so perfect just because of, well, just because (uh-huh *sigh*). That's what love is.

And I often wonder what makes relationships work.

Like the couple who doesn't have anything in common. The one likes this stuff yet the other one goes the other way.

Or like the couple who doesn't really have commitment in mind and yet... they're committed.

Or the couple who just sits at home, sharing a quiet afternoon with each other's company.

Or the couple with all passion at every turn.

In the end, it doesn't matter whether they're suited physically or mentally. All that matters is that they made the decision to stay committed. You'd wonder why they made that choice.

Well, each of us have our own reasons. We don't really know. I think even they themselves don't know. It's just that they made that decision.

And just like every other girl that daydreams, I hope to share my life with a person with all that pent-up passion and still get to enjoy a quiet, solemn afternoon, just enjoying each other's company.

... some day.

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