Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Well, after our Tagaytay trip, we decided to watch TMNT. We were curious how it is compared to the TMNT we knew way back when we were kids.

Sesame Street and Bato Balani got beaten by TMNT as a familiar childhood trademark hehehe

The movie is OK. It's your usual TMNT, mushy and funny :D We were kinda confused at the timeline the movie's being shown. We thought it was after Master Splinter died. We were surprised when we saw him somewhat younger than the one being showed on TV before.

I loved the animation and the fight scenes. It wasn't as cartoony as I thought the CG would be. The humor is still funny but Michelangelo hasn't really shown his wacky side yet that much on the movie ^_^

We even debated about Master Splinter at the end of the movie. Wasn't he blind? I thought I remembered wrong but Ja said she did think he was blind. Hmm... I'll research on that.

In the end, everybody felt nostalgic. Those were the days when all your days are filled with just thoughts of ninja turtles and transformers and voltes fives and cartoons ^_^

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