Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sonya's Garden Adventure

The NEC Losers went on a road trip to Tagaytay and had lunch at Sonya's Garden last Saturday, 31 March. As usual, everybody was late. We were supposed to meet at 9AM but everyone came in a little after 10. Oh well, some things never change :P

It was really hot that day. Apparently, summer has set on the country full blast. We were all red from the heat. When we got to Tagaytay, everyone in our car (Pete, Aldwin, Joe-e, Darl, and me) kept on asking the famous loser question "ARE WE THERE YET?"

We were tired and hungry. Some of us didn't eat breakfast so we can munch our way through the buffet at Sonya's.

As soon as we reached Alfonso, Cavite, everybody was on the lookout for the Sonya's Garden signs. As soon as we saw the first sign saying Sonya's Garden, we immediately turned right. The scenery was weird. The road was all bumpy and there were lots of barong-barong around.

(FYI: Barong-barong are houses that are somewhat similar to nipa huts but with a tin roof ^_^)

Then we got to a fork and we were like... Uhhh, are we really on the right track? It looked so deserted. And so... jungle-like... Somebody suggested we turn back. I think we got lost LOL!

When we went back, we met the other car along the way. (Regnard, Liza, Ja, Joey, Dan, Mario, Plog) They were behind us when we went another turn. We just couldn't find any signs of Sonya's so we decided to ask for help. I dunno if the guy there understood what we were talking about or he just felt like giving us a hard time that we got more lost. We turned and turned until we came to a dead end. Man, were we lost or what?!! :P

Everybody was laughing their asses off. Were we supposed to go through the hill then? :P

We decided to go back to the main highway. In the end, we realized we went at the wrong turn LOL! It was just a signage listing the spots at Alfonso, Cavite. It didn't say turn there or something. CRAP! :D

Amazingly, the turn to Sonya's is a few kilometers away still. The turn was right after the Royal Tagaytay Estate.

When we got there, the heat was really beating down on us. It was 1PM.

Goody goody! FOOD, at last! ^_^

I particularly liked the salad. I think I was already full with just the salad. Lettuce, carrots, radish, egg with salad dressing. They also served us with bread. We put on some cheese (called kesong puti here in the Philippines) and sun-dried tomatoes. And the ripe mangoes? Oh what heaven!

A little after, they served pasta. I had a combo of sun-dried tomatoes, salmon and mushrooms. YUMMY YUM YUM! I also had the white sauce with chicken a little later. YUM YUM too. Some of the guys didn't like it, though. I dunno why.

We had chocolate cake, turon and camote after. I can barely stand after the meal. Man, I was really full! ^_^

I also enjoyed some of the amenities and the garden. The CR was cool and comforting. That's what a CR should be *wink*

We had fun mostly at the garden. It was shoot time. We had group pictures and pictures taken for lovers. Pre-wedding pictures. We also had FHM-like shoots. I hope I can upload those, too hehehe

On our way home, we were so sleepy, we left Pete to drive alone while we were snoring away  ^_^ (We'll make it up the next time, Pete!)

Can't wait to go back to Tagaytay. We already have an itinerary when we return: Buon Giorno, take a picture of the wooden house, buy flowers, visit People's Park, etc.

Fun, fun, fun! ^_^

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