Monday, April 02, 2007


The only manga I've ever read in my whole life is Megatokyo... Well, I think I read some before but I forgot about it already. So anyways, I used to read this while I was still bumming around at the NEC lab. Plog introduced me to it. I was looking then for a manga to get hooked on while waiting for an anime series to finish downloading. ^_^

But then I stopped reading. My net at home got really crappy and the pages were too slow to load so I gave it up. Then I got busy and had other hobbies, etc. Finally, I totally forgot about it. Until last Friday, 30 March.

It was one of those boring days at the office where everything's running smooth and fine... and you just wanna bum around for a time... and you feel you've deserved it after a few days' worth of hard work... So there I was at my workstation, finding myself reading Megatokyo again.

It's so fun reading it again. I missed Piro and Kimiko's cutsy relationship... and Largo and Erika's wacky relationship ^_^ And all the weird characters there ^_^

And as always, when you're in THE MOOD, you tend to think everything's related to you. Here's a strip from Megatokyo that really got into me: strip id = 833. This is not the typical Megatokyo mood, though. Read through the manga to see how wacky they really are ^_^

Good job, Piro-san! ^_^

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