Friday, April 13, 2007

Bras and Cup Sizes

So OK. I know the title sounds kinda censored but try reading the article through. It has a moral lesson in the end :-D I just hope I don't place myself in a compromising situation though.

Last Tuesday, I went to shop for a bra that I could wear with my new tube top from Plains & Prints. I searched through one of my favorite undies brands, Triumph for different designs that would look somewhat fine and comfy to wear. I then asked the saleslady for a 36B so I could try it on.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a 36B black for that design. The saleslady asked if it's ok I try another design. Yeah sure, I said ^_^ So on I went to the fitting room to try it out.

The cup didn't fit right.

Now, wait. So does that mean I have to get a bigger cup size?! OH NO! I am getting fatter again *sigh* I told the saleslady about my problem. I said that the cup somehow didn't fit right. She got a tape measure and measured me. She said I was a C, after all. She'll go get a 36C.

I looked around for other designs while waiting for her. And the thought of being a C ran through my head. C? Me? Since when? huhuhuhu I should get some exercise and start dieting. I am getting fatter again.

When she got back, I tried the 36C on. Woohoo! It didn't fit that well, either. It was somewhat large for me ^_^ With a large grin, I went back to the saleslady and told her.

She recommended me another design, instead. She gave me a 36B for that. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly. The cup, the size... Everything's perfect!

Mind you, this is the first time that I bought a bra for myself. It has always been my Mom who bought me these. So it is an accomplishment that I was able to buy a perfect fit for myself ^_^

Moral of the story? Choose the design well. There are some bras that don't really fit you well even if it looks good. Make sure that it's comfortable to wear.

Oh well, why am I telling you this? Don't girls my age know this already? :-P Boohoo for me!

(HI TO RON! ^_^ She's my hot hot former officemate from PCHRD. Say hi to her, too. HI RON! ^_^)


Nina Carla said...

nah.. you can't just be a B.. you must be a C fo sho! Hehehe :)

Miss you sweet *hugs*

Nina Carla said...

... and not because you gained weight or anything ah! You can be as petit as tinnerts and still have a C-cup. Yup, definitely a C hehehe

Domeng said...

Oh! So it's true that you guys fit them? Cant it be just "Hi! Do you have a size this one?" then stare down?

Just wondering. *grin*