Sunday, May 27, 2007

God's Blessings

God has a strange way of showing how life can be beautiful ^_^

I've been surrounded by great friends from high school, college, NEC, PCHRD and now ProV and new friends. These are the people who helped me get through the storms that came my way. Right now, I'm still struggling to get over some obstacles in my life, finding direction... searching... healing...

They say true friends are hard to find. I don't believe that. I'd just say, you haven't found the right friends for you, yet. Lucky me, I've found them at each and every corner of my life.

God never left me hurting for too long. Friends, old and new, are always there to be a shoulder to cry on (just like I did last Friday at the office LOL! Thanks Alds, Kix, Nerry) or just be an ear to a never-ending tirades of worries and problems in life (*hugs* to Wace, Ron, Bebe, Janjan, Kuya Domeng, Jojo "Kulot", Brian, Alan, Jon, Joe-e), or see me get a fair share of enjoyment in my life ^_^ (PCHRD Jologs, NEC Losers, Evangelista housemates and their better halfs, new and not-so-old OJT friends, Ross), or just be there ^_^ (Hi Yayang, Kikit, KC, Zarena, Noel, Jeremy, Eric, ProV teammates and "special" friends, Ley [dating ProV na nsa SG na hehehe miss you!], college friends)

You see, I'm a person who is surrounded with love and happiness. Although, I'm far away from my family whom I miss all the time, my friends are always there to comfort me and be my second family. Not to mention, my beloved Tita Cristy who has been my guardian and my second mommy for nearly 10yrs now. Love you, Tita! *hugs*

These are my God's blessings. They fill my life. They give a part of themselves to me just to make me whole. I don't know why God has poured out the best and real and true friends for me.

They are the reason why I love my life, why I love living and why I never gave up.

Thank you, friends! *hugs tight*

NOTE: To the jologs and losers, you're just too many to mention. I hope d kayo tampo why I didn't place all your names here ^_^ and anyway, alam mo naman kung sino kayo ^_^

Love you! ^_^


Domeng said...

Life is beautiful...and so are your friends.

Bless you!


Louie said...

LOL! :D nagbuhat daw sarili bangko. join na din ako. birds of the same feather flock together. beautiful flock, that is ^_^