Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Pinch of Truth Hurts Doesn't It?

"If you think someone is keeping some information from you, say something today."

And so says my horoscope says today.

"Hearing the truth: is it good or bad?" has been an ancient debate among the PCHRD Jologs. Different opinions have been expressed such as what you know won't hurt you or the truth sets you free, etc. I remember that one debate we had at the canteen that it came to a point where personal issues have been raised and where some got emotional about it.

Just last Friday, I learned a very hard truth. I won't share it with you cause it's rather personal. And it did really hurt. Super. To the point that I couldn't keep my tears at bay that some of my officemate came to witness me cry. It's embarrassing, really. But hey, I'm just human.

I've always believed that you should know the truth however painful it is. I felt that you are not being realistic enough about the things around you that you kept on denying the truth.

Some say, I'm a saddist. I don't think so. I just prefer to get hurt rather than being lied at or made to look a fool.

I'm currently reading The Road Less Traveled and one of the disciplines mentioned there is Delaying Gratification. It says there that a lot of people want to get to the good part and try to do away with the painful ones. But this doesn't happen in real life. You can't do away with the painful ones cause it's part of life.

I have to be honest, I'm guilty of running away from my problems. But then there are some instances that we are faced with our problems/issues. This time I won't turn my back on it. This time I'll try to face it with my head up high. I'll get through this because I believe that even though knowing the truth hurts, it sets you free. This is what I look forward to.

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Mean said...

hi sweets, i guess we are comning off different travails, pero we find comfort in the happy truth that there will always be our families and friends to make things a little easier, especially when you feel like you're almost at the breaking point. *hugs*