Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun, You're Expensive in this Part of the World!

We recently acquired a new place. The selection process was a bit unusual since it was lottery-based; that is, they put your name on queue and upon your number, you then get to choose the house and lot you prefer. We were number 13, and the lot of our choice was in the middle range, price-wise and area-wise.

During the tenth selection, we were already wondering why that lot hasn't been selected yet. We were really glad we got our area of choice but at the back of our heads came the question, why wasn't it popular?

It's a corner lot. It's a bit bigger compared to the regular lots. It's a bit isolated since it's beside some trees and big rocks.


Two months later, you then slowly realize why. Originally, I thought it was the amount of leaves that come into the backyard, especially during the autumn season. I guess that's also a factor. But more than anything, I guess it's because there's not enough sun at the back porch!

Growing up in a tropical country, sun is something that we take for granted. There is even an advisory that you're only supposed to stay under the sun between sunrise and 8AM and later than 4PM, otherwise, the sun can be harmful to your skin. Almost everyone has an umbrella when going around, or stays under the shade to avoid the sun. It was hard-wired in my system to evade the sun as much as possible.

Coming here, it looked strange to me when someone basks under the sun during lunch time. But then, living here for almost four years, you get into that habit, as well. You really feel the sun's heat during summer and only some days in spring.

You then realize, the sun brings warmth and light physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a certain brightness in your life, a feeling of being alive.

It's funny how we look for shades and clouds in Philippines, but here, we look for the glare of the sun. And now that summer is coming, I'm just looking forward for the sun and the warmth!

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