Sunday, April 09, 2017

Inga mera selfies, för vi ska ta en groupie

For those of you wondering what the title means - no more selfies, for we shall take a groupie. It's a line from one of entries to a Swedish song festival, entitled Groupie by Viktor and Samir.

It was pretty popular among the young kids since it has a dance tune to it. Both my sons love dancing to it.

This song always come to mind whenever I browse through my Facebook feed. Everday, I just don't fail to see selfies taken with faces up close, and all you see in the picture is the face. Why do you want to document your face? Is there something special to it?

I don't mind people taking solo pictures, especially when it comes to showing off places they've been, or that they've got nice new clothes on, or even have a funny story behind it. It's actually fun to look at these photos. I just wondered, when someone takes a picture of JUST the face, what does one really try to show? Makeup? Or how well-maintained your skin is?

I'm not really a selfie person so I can't really relate to what a selfie means. It's just annoying sometimes to see the same face, day by day, despite different angles and expression on the face. I came close to unfollowing people, but I don't want to do that because I still want to see what they're up to. These are still people of interest to me. After all, that's why we are friends in Facebook.

It just annoys the hell out of me to see those selfies *shrugs*

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