Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pampalipas Oras

I'm currently at my desk doing nothing. I'm new to my job, been here just two days past. I haven't been assigned anything yet. I've been waiting for my boss to assign me to a group.

So, anyway, while doing nothing, I'm here writing my first blog at Friendster. I used to have a blog but unfortunately it hasn't been updated for quite some time now. And I guess the entries there didn't really fit my current status right now *grins*.

This is my second job. Is this really how it works when you're new to a company? Or maybe because the company I'm currently in is still new so they are still groping their way around their operations?

What do you usually do when you're new to a company? The first day is the most boring and exciting day, I guess. When you come in to the office you feel so excited and giddy with anxiety. As soon as you get there, they let you read the company profile, sign up some forms that the HR needs, meet people in the office then sit at your desk and wait for your boss to tell you what to do. (I realized this must apply only to rank and file staff. I haven't had a managerial position yet so I don't know how they go about their first day at work.)

Now, I'm writing a blog. I didn't have anything else to do. I've been reading some tutorial stuff that I think is related to my work but I'm not really sure if I can use it. I've been chatting with my new officemates, too. But after some time you can't find anything to talk after all. Then again, I just met them so I haven't really discovered any common ground with them yet.

So this is how my first few days at my new company has gone. I do hope I'll have an assignment by tomorrow. Darn, I don't like doing nothing at all.

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Cheryl Hunny said...

Hehe. Yup!
That's mostly what you'd do on your first week at a company: NOTHING.

There's the usual meet all the folks here, HR stuff, read our company's profile, etc. After that though, you're left with nothing.

Well... at first I was not that keen on surfing web sites mainly because nahihiya ako. While all of them are working hard, there I was, just surfing the net. But well, slashdot and theserverside eventually became my two best friends.

So yes, in all the companies that I've been with... the first week is really really boring.