Monday, August 14, 2017

Losing Myself

I lost sight with who I am.
It's like knowing a friend for so many years
Only to find out you haven't really known her at all.

What changed?
I don't know.
So amazed to find one's self totally transformed.

Where is the confidence?
Where is the strength?
Where is the drive?
Where are they? Where?!

They have been trampled on.
Shredded. Ripped to pieces.
Cast aside.

Ignored. Abused.
Helpless. Defeated.
Defeated... so defeated...

Groping, trying to find my place again.
Finding the light.
There is a glimmer. It's so faint.
But it's there.

There's still hope.
There is always hope.
At least, I have that.

1 comment:

Pretzel Miso said...

felt this way for the longest time. but yes, im now finding myself again. never too late for new beginnings