Sunday, November 04, 2012

Zeke's Lego Designs - His Creative Side

I always take pride in Zeke's Lego creations. He lost the manuals a long time ago and played the Lego with his Dad and Tito by just setting up the pieces on their own. In the end, he just makes his own designs even without the supervision of Daddy and Tito.

It was just by accident that he got his Lego. Manong had to hunt a gift as I was too busy preparing for Zeke's birthday party. We decided at first to get him blocks for his third birthday because his blocks were all loose and some are already broken. When Manong returned home, I was surprised and admittedly a bit annoyed when he said he bought a 3-in-1 Lego creator instead which was beyond the budget we set. I didn't think Zeke can handle it because of the small pieces and the complexity of the designs.

As it turned out, I underestimated it. He was so attached with creating the Lego designs that his Tito bought him another set during Christmas. (Manong and Tito have ulterior motives to buying Lego's as they also liked playing with the Lego pieces. I think it's every boy's dream to own, or at least play with Lego's at least once in his lifetime) A year later, Zeke makes his own versions of Optimus Primes and other Transformer characters, Octonaut Gups, and heavy equipments such as bulldozers, tower cranes and backhoes.

A friend doubted Zeke's creations once and I was so affected by it but then I realized it's not everyday that you get to see a 4-year old design these stuff. Zeke is very lucky to have owned a Lego set at his age. Not every kid get to have this opportunity and luxury.

And because of this, I came to realize that if only kids have the same opportunities, I bet kids can show off their talents way beyond their years. It is a fact of life, though; we don't all share the same privileges. Some kids have to cope with hunger and poverty instead of catering to their talents and artistic side.

I just thank Manong for taking that risk of buying Zeke his Lego set. Good job, Daddy ^_^

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