Monday, July 02, 2007

Autobots, Roll-out!

The NEC losers went to watch TRANSFORMERS last Saturday, 30 June 2007, at the Power Plant Mall. Screen time: 7.50PM .

The first few scenes really dropped our jaw. The transformation was spectacular. Everything was as thrilling as we thought it would be.

We really laugh our assess off when Bumblebee was toying with Sam while he was trying to get Mikaela to notice him. Songs such as Baby, Come Back and Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight brought back the 80's babies (that's us) to their youth.

And who couldn't catch that humor when Sam said "it's probably Japanese", referring to the robots they just saw?

John Turturro who played as Agent Simmons of the Sector Seven gave the movie some laughs, too. He was the perfect agent for a top secret research organization. A guy who tries to play it cool but deep inside he's just a nerd playing with cool toys.  (The NEC pips can really relate to this :-P)

The animation was awesome specially when the bots transformed. It was really detailed. You have to give credit to the CG people who poured out their talents for this movie.

The fight scenes weren't that good, though. I would have expected it to be more dramatic. Unfortunately, whenever two bots fight each other, it just looks like a piece of metal coiled around. There really wasn't that much distinction between the body parts. It was hard to tell which is which whenever they engage in a close combat.

And there's really one thing I don't like in the movie. THE CHEESY PARTS! :-P Couldn't they skip the holding hands part and just focus into the action instead? It just destroys the momentum. Oh well :-P

All in all, I'd say the Transformers movie is a 4.5 out of 5. Even if the storyline wasn't really according to the original Transformers cartoons, they still made the 80's babies reminisce the old times.

"The parents are very irritating. Let's exterminate them."

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