Monday, April 03, 2006

Missing him

Is it right not wanting to feel you miss somebody? Coz missing somebody so much hurts. There's an ache in your chest, a lump in your throat and tears that well up in your eyes *sigh* (I really feel like crying now).

I wish him not to make me miss him.

As it is, I long for his attention, his presence, him... But it's not possible now. He has a lot of things to do. For his present and future. For his dreams to come true. And i don't I'll ever forgive myself if I let myself come between him and his dreams. Or anybody's dreams, for that matter.

But then... just don't let me miss him.

Hope I won't get to hear from him, his voice or see him for snatched moments until the day he can give me that undivided attention. I may feel alone but at least I'm doing this for him. He may feel alone but I'm just doing what I think is the best way I can cope. Selfish? Unthoughtful? Not caring enough? I don't know...

Just please, don't make me miss him.

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